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As in the era of technology,along with education practical skills and knowledge is mandatory. So we are undertaking to initiate project building for students prior to any standards they are studying in. We welcome any projects and are willing to provide them with a complete working device considering industrial biased technologies. We are opt to use any tools which might be necessary to any project activities such as Raspberry Pi, Stepper Motors, Servo Motors (including motor driver), HMI etc. It is also necessary for the students to know about all the tools and it can be procured by providing them basic skills through workshops. Moreover, this type of activities should or might play a sole role for achieving theoretical knowledge in a practical manner. For Example, We know about the principles of Pascal’s Law but it has been used in many applications such as Hydraulic Cranes, Brakes in heavy vehicles,  Fork Lifts, Pneumatic Chucks etc.  

MEet the Squad Who handle Projects

Sohail Sheikh

CAD Designer  & Robotics

Mechatronics Engineering

Exo. 3 yeras

Vekariya Denish

Web Developer

Mechanical Engineering

Exp. 3 years

Amandeep Singh

Electronics & Arduino

Computer Engineering

Exp. 4 yeras

Jagrut Sharma

CAD & Mechanical Deisgn
Mechanical Engineering
Exp. 3 years

Vinayak Joshi


Diploma in 3D Animation

Exp. 4 years

Projects that we have Build


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