CAD is a short form of Computer-aided design. As a name suggest, it is a branch of science which deals with the optimization of design though artificial software.

Have you ever wonder why products and services are laughing into the market at a rate never seen before. This is only because of CAD software. They help us visualize literally everything in virtual environments.


So it is now essential to learn about CAD and CAM. And we are willing to help you to reach the top level.

We have the best lab in the whole Ahmedabad. Apart from that, we also have teachers who have a huge industrial experience in this sector.


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Mechanical engineering is everywhere. It deals with tiny measuring instruments in the office to enormous aircraft hangers and power plants.

In this module, we will cover a basic component or mechanical design which helps the student to relate theoretical and practical knowledge with the help of advanced software like Solidworks, Creo, and AutoCAD. As we know that practical knowledge is very essential for any student to thrive in any industry. After that, we will move toward the design of matching by assembling small components that can be helpful for your final year project.

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Robotics is a branch of engineering that involves the conception, design, manufacture, and operation of robots. This field overlaps with computer engineering, computer science (especially artificial intelligence), electronics, mechatronics, nanotechnology, and bioengineering.

Robotics is very diverse in application and form. As we all know the next era is an age of automatization. And it will be the most trending branch in the future.

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Electronics and Arduino

In day to day life, approximately each & every technology in modern living relies on electrical engineering in some or the other way. Electrical engineer deals with energy and intellect (data, modeling, algorithms, simulation, and control).

Electronic is fun to learn, especially if you can learn it by building your circuits.Electrical is an important part of modern life so it is essential to learn about it. Every industry no matter how big or small use electrical components for daily operations.

In this module, we will cover basic electronics tutorials in various electronics domains. If you are an absolute beginner, don’t worry in this section we learn the basic electronics concepts. Once you are done with understanding the basic concepts, we head towards our next level.

After that, we provide you with a list of popular Electronic circuits and Electronic projects with well-illustrated circuit diagrams and detailed explanations for a complete do-it-yourself experience.


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Website design and development

The website is the most important thing to grow your business to a higher level. In this digital era, everyone seeks help from the World Wide Web and this is where we should mark our presence.


Consider this,

  •  7 out of 10 consumers find a company via the blog or website.

  • Daily, 2.9 billion Google searches are executed.

  • Every day 2.7 million websites are put online.

Can you believe this number?


The website is like seals-rep who works 24x4x365 and convent your idea or product or services into sales. 

Well, here we come forward to put you in the spotlight. We can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd when it comes to website designing or optimization or website development or website services.


All we need is, what is in your mind. We will take care of the rest of the things. 

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