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Alchemy consist a group of tutors. We are teaching our students since 2008. First, we started providing our services in Delhi and UP initially but then we also moved in Ahmedabad for home tuition.

Most importantly, we have highly experienced and well educated tutors. We are always ready to provide services for enhancing the theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge of every student in various subjects like Physics, Math, English, Science, Chemistry, Biology and apart from these subjects we also provide tutoring for Accounting, Economics, Law and many more.

We provide door to door tutors especially for those students who are not able to coordinate with group classes. For these circumstances we have a group of experienced teachers in their respective fields.

We are also planning for establishing laboratories of respective subjects for preparing the students for practical examinations and also for embracing practical knowledge.
We also have educational materials for different subjects which are entirely prepared by our teachers such as Hand Written Notes, Video Lectures, and Assignments etc.

Feel free to contact us anytime by Submitting form in Admission section.